Rent our selection of
vintage video- and
audio equipment
Do you only need our refurbished equipment for a limited time? For example, to digitize your own videos, or to watch an old movie that is not available on DVD.

No problem! VCRShop offers customers the ability to rent equipment for as long as they desire.



No matter what type of videorecorder or audio equipment you’re looking to rent, you’ll be able to find it in our webshop. With one of the world’s largest collection of vintage audio- and video equipment, VCRShop is able to offer thousands of products from the most respected brands in the world. Our extensive inventory is equipped with items from more than 90 well-known brands with solid reputations for quality, reliability, and safety. You will not come across such a large-scale video- and audio equipment rental selection anywhere else.

Our broad line of rental products can serve the needs of any consumer of old video- and audio formats. In terms of refurbished video equipment, we carry video- players and recorders, camcorders, DVD- and Blu-Ray players, projectors, security systems, and even harddisk recorders. All ranging from Betamax and Video2000, to Hi8 and Video8. For audio, you will be able to rent casette- and CD players, minidisc readers and writers, (car) radio’s, amplifiers, compressors, tuners, turntables, speakers, surround systems, and audio accessories such as headphones/sets and microphones. Our selection is endless!

Renting one of our products can provide the ideal solution to fill a temporary need, like when you are looking to digitize an old home video of your 6th birthday, or because you have an old film laying around that you have been eager to watch. If you are looking to avoid costs including maintenance and storage, a rental can provide a cost-effective alternative. What is more, renting is also an excellent way to try out a model you are thinking of buying as part of the evaluation process! If you are unsure of what type of equipment you need to get the job done, then our service specialists are happy to help you find the ideal rental that complements your goals.


Renting our equipment is as easy as pressing a button. No, seriously.

Whenever you are browsing our store you will be able to see a checkbox that includes the phrase “Rental?” on each product’s page. By checking this box before adding the item to your cart, our team will be notified of your rental when the order transaction is complete. The rental period starts right after you received your delivery, for which you will be billed at the end of each month. After the rental has served its purpose, you can easily send the equipment back to us with a shipping courier of choice. When we have received the item, you will be refunded your deposit and will only be charged for the amount of weeks you have used our product(s). It’s that simple!


When you have decided on a rental, it is mandatory to leave a deposit of the product’s full purchasing price. After you get the item in hand you will be charged 10% of your deposit for each week of renting. For example, if you decide to rent a Humax IHDR 5200C Harddisk Recorder, you will have to pay for the product’s full costs up front (179,99).

Each week of usage after receiving your rental you will be charged 10% of it’s total price – which, in this case, translates to 17,99 per week. Fast forward and three weeks have passed by. Now you finally decide to return your rental equipment. After we have received your return delivery, your deposit will be refunded minus the 10% weekly rental costs. Which ends up at a total refund of 126,02. If you decide to rent our products for more than 10 weeks, you basically have purchased the item and you will not be charged any rental costs. We will keep your deposit as if you bought the item.