What warranties do I have on my purchases?

We guarantee that whenever you buy an item at VCRShop.com that is in top condition or EXACTLY as depicted in the products’ listings, this is our legal guarantee.

If not, we will look for a satisfactory solution. Depending on your item, we will arrange a repair or refund of the total purchase amount – free of charge.

Do I need a warranty certificate?

Your invoice or proof of purchase is also your guarantee certificate. We store your invoice in your account and send it to your email when placing the order. That way you will never lose it.

How long is my warranty valid?

VCRShop.com employs a 30-day guarantee policy, unless specified otherwise on the product page. Meaning that every customer is entitled to a warranty period of nearly a full month.

After notifying us about your return you will have another 14 days to send the order.


How do I return my item(s)?

Before you send your products back to us we would like to be notified via our return form via this page. Check your order details and make sure to fill in all required fields in your return application.

After we have received your request and sent you the return confirmation e-mail, you are free to send your order back to us via a shipping carrier of choice. You will be provided a shipping label after completing the form submissions.

Do you want to return multiple items? No problem! Please specify the amount of products you would like to return in the “product quantity” field of the return form.

In most cases delivery is paid by you (the customer). However, returns that are processed by PostNL are free of charge (NL & some EU countries only).

Quick Tip:
Ensure that you keep the proof of shipment (or the confirmation e-mail) from your carrier. This allows us to track your shipment if something goes wrong.

To return form >

Return policy

You can easily return your order provided that you submitted the return form within 30 days of receiving your products. After we received your return application, you will have 2 weeks (14 days) to send the items back.

Return Policy:

  1. For all products in our webshop there is a return period of 30 days, unless specified otherwise on the product page. The return period starts on the day you receive the item. If your order contains multiple products, the return period goes into effect when you receive all products within your order.
  2. The item should be in its original packaging (as much as possible) and in the same condition as it was delivered.
Are returns free of charge?

Returns are free or charge if they are handled by PostNL (so only for Dutch and Belgian citizens).

If you’re not from the Netherlands or Belgium you will have to pay for the return shipping costs. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Which reason of return should I choose?

You can select from 9 different reasons as to why you would like to return your purchase(s). However, if your warranty period is still valid you’ll be able to return regardless of your reason of return.

Providing us a valid reason of return is more important for customers that have purchased item(s) that exceed their warranty. We also use your submissions to improve our services.

With that said, these are the options from our return application:

  • Colors differs from photo: should state “product differs from photo” (bug with our return service provider). Please use this reasoning if the product differs drastically from the product’s images in our webshop.
  • Product not as expected: please select this option if your purchase does not meet your expectations.
  • Product damaged: please select this option if your product arrived with damages. This option requires an image of the damages.
  • Ordered wrong product: please select this option if you ordered the wrong item(s).
  • Received wrong product: please select this option if you’ve received the wrong item(s).
  • Warranty: please select this option if you don’t want to specifiy your reason of return and would like to apply your right of return.
  • I changed my mind: similar to the option above.
  • Product is defective: please select this option if your product arrived defective.

After providing us a reason of return you are able to choose how you would like your issue to be resolved.

Here you can pick between:

  • Exchanging your item(s).
  • A complete refund of your purchase(s).

Finally, you’ll be redirected to the shipping method selection screen. Here you’ll be able to select the shipping carrier to process your return(s) from.

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