Keep your old memories save

A large part of the population has already disposed of their old videotapes and cassettes that were left unviewed. Yet, among these video cassettes there are often some hidden gems. It could be some feature film that we used to watch often, a TV show that is not available on DVD, or home videos of a communion party or a birthday.

The solution?
Have your old video cassettes digitized!


No rewinding

Watch your old videos whenever you want



Store your digitized video file on any media source


Easy storage

CDs, DVDs & USBs take up less space than video tapes



Digital files will stay with you for future generations to watch


Do you also have old video tapes or cassettes that you would prefer to have digitized?
VCRShop is capable of converting your old footage into a new, raw (unedited), digital copy.
Pricing for each type of tape/cassette is displayed in our pricing table below!
VHS, S-VHS€ 6,00Price per 60 minutes of footage
D-VHS€ 10,00
Price per 60 minutes of footage
VHS-C, VHS-S€ 10,00Price per cassette or tape
Video8, Hi8, Digital8€ 10,00Price per cassette or tape
Mini-DV, DV€ 10,00Price per cassette or tape
Video2000, Betamax€ 6,00Price per 60 minutes of footage
Betacam SP€ 10,00Price per 60 minutes of footage
Laserdisc, Laservision€ 17,50Price per 60 minutes of footage

If you do not see the type of cassette or video tape you would like to have digitized on our pricing table, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can find a solution for you.



    Unfortunately, we do not offer any video editing services. We only deliver a raw digital file/copy of your sent footage. However, you can always decide to edit the digital file yourself with an editing software of choice.

    Prices are calculated per tape or by 10 minutes of footage.

    For example, you would like to have a VHS tape digitized. However, this tape contains 72 minutes of footage.
    As displayed in the pricing table above, digitization of a VHS tape costs € 6,00 per 60 minutes.  So, 10 minutes of footage is equal to € 1,00.
    Multiply this € 1,00 with 7 (7 * 10 = 70 minutes) and you end up with a final price of € 7,00 for 72 minutes of video.

    The 2 minutes that were leftover will be rounded down to make an even 70.
    If the footage were to be 76 minutes, the number would have been rounded up to an even 80 minutes.

    You can send any of the video tapes or cassettes that you would like to have digitized to our warehouse, or you could choose to leave the tapes yourself at our reception.
    Along with your package you add a document that contains your name, address, email, and telephone number. In addition, you are free to supply us with your own external hard drive, USB, or DVD/CD.

    VCRShop – Digitization Address
    Albert Einsteinweg 4
    8218NH, Lelystad
    The Netherlands

    After the digitization has been succesful, you will receive an invoice by email.
    When your payment is received, we will return the original tape(s) with the digitized copies, or you can opt to pick them up at our reception.

    Yes, you can definitely have multiple types and tapes digitized!

    If you want to have multiple types of cassettes / tapes digitized simply browse the Dropdown menu in the Digitization Form, under “What would you like to get digitized?”, and click each individual entry while holding the CTRL-button (“⌘” for Mac users).

    Afterwards, add up the total amount of tapes / hours of footage in the input bar below the Dropdown menu.

    If you decide to send us a package of your video tapes/cassettes there will be shipping costs involved. These costs are the responsibility of you – the customer.
    Shipping costs can vary from country to country, as well as from courier to courier. So, it is advised to check with your shipping provider for shipping prices to and from the Netherlands.

    If you are located in/near the Netherlands, then you can decide to deliver the package yourself. For which no shipping costs are involved.




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